The Life of Senator Margaret Chase Smith


Narrated by former NBC News correspondent and A&E “Biography” host Jack Perkins, this very special documentary tells the story of Maine’s Senator Margaret Chase Smith. Born at the waning end of the nineteenth century, Margaret Chase was raised in a world where American women had only limited choices. But young “Maggie” broke the mold, blazing a path for herself and, in the process, beginning a career that would carry her around the globe and touch the lives of many. In her long and productive life, Senator Smith did not just witness history, she also became history. She had a remarkable list of “firsts” to her credit, triumphing as a woman in the “man’s world” of Washington politics - and becoming the voice of American conscience during one of this country’s most turbulent periods


Documentary, Biography


Jeff Dobbs


Jack Perkins, Margaret Chase Smith, Dr. Janann Sherman, Merton Henry, William Cohen, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Angus King




United States