The Life of L.L. Bean


It all started with a new style of hunting boots, with their leather tops stitched to rubber soles. The design was simple yet revolutionary, and it was the start of a retail empire that would make the boots’ designer – a Maine outdoorsman named Leon Leonwood Bean – world famous. Bean would forever change American commerce, as well as the way that sportsmen everywhere interacted with the out of doors. Hosted by former NBC News correspondent and A&E “Biography” host Jack Perkins, this documentary tells the story of the great L.L. Bean and shows how, despite his modest beginnings as a farm boy in rural Oxford County, Maine, the brilliant yet humble Bean became a pioneer in the mail order catalog business and created one of the most iconic brands in American history.


Documentary, Biography


Jeff Dobbs


Jack Perkins, Ralph Lowe, John Gould, Leon Gorman, Carlene Griffin, Frank Small




United States