I’m Living a Charmed Life


An unplanned road trip turns into a weekend of romantic escapades in this charming indie drama. When New York City dancer Lulu receives an e-mail from high school friend Duffy, she makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to pay her old pal a visit. Taking her gay friend Fred along for the trip, the two drive from New York to Portland, Maine, where the surprised Duffy welcomes them into her home. In the days that follow all three of them make unplanned connections and find unexpected romances, even as Lulu begins to wonder why Duffy seems so different from the person she remembers. Could it be that this isn’t her old friend after all?


Drama, Romance


Kate Kaminski


Buffy Miller, Tami Duffy, Scott Mullenberg, Brian Burwell, Ron C. Johnson, Tracy Burke




United States